Nintendo accused of selling a pirated version of super Mario bros rom. for Wiki Virtual Console Illegal content on guard of piracy.


According to the report of video game expert Frank Ciardi (Frank Ciardi), the company Nintendo sells a pirated version of the iconic plat former super Mario bros rom. for the official Virtual Console emulator. The Euro gamer portal contacted the author of one of the first NES emulators and figured out the details of the case.


Frank Vivaldi presented a report in which he cited evidence that Nintendo was selling a pirated version of its own super Mario bros room game to its users. Vivaldi compared the source code of two games, one of which was downloaded from the Internet, and the other acquired in the official online store Nintendo. It turned out that the text in the files is identical. That is, the Japanese company “downloaded super Mario bros rom. from the Internet and now sells it to users,”says the game expert.

Journalists from the Euro gamer portal repeated the Vivaldi experiment and opened the source files of the game using a hex editor. There they discovered the code that the gaming expert was talking about. It turned out that the key line was written by the programmer Marat Faizullin for one of the first versions of the NES emulator.

The configuration settings of the original Nintendo Entertainment System console varied depending on each individual cartridge. The line written by Fayzullin allowed reproducing the necessary hardware settings and launching the pirated version of the game.

The editor of the video game site contacted Fayzullin and handed him the source files. The programmer compared them with other versions of super Mario bros rom., downloaded from the Internet, and confirmed that they are the same.

In the commentary to Euro gamer, Nintendo denied using the pirated version of the game and refused to explain the situation.

On the official website of the Japanese corporation in the frequently asked questions section there is a paragraph dedicated to emulators.

Emulators are designed to illegally run Nintendo software.

Today it is one of the main threats to the intellectual property of video game developers. As with any other business, when a product is freely available, it threatens the cash flow of the industry.