Tips to Drive in the UAE Desert

The development of the enthusiasm of the engine leads only from the utility to the abundant game, driven by drivers, to look at the toughest landscapes and areas around the world. Driving through miles of uneven and sandy countries has become a popular dimension of motor racing. On the one hand, when the drive rows in rough terrain with pleasure and experience, it is not yet dangerous and threatening. Although you want to play in the ridge against the elevated, challenging and dangerous scenes of the UAE, you need some skills. Thus, without a suitable vehicle distribution, the game may end up in a sandstorm.


Fighting hard and unpredictable sand is not easy. To achieve this, you need a good car with high performance. I prescribe a car with a car of at least 3.0 liters or more. This will allow you to climb the clean Middle East, durable and simple, and help you open the exit from the sandbox.


The transmission has an unpredictable job in a slippery climber. Even the current driving forces depend on software transmission systems; the desert climber is better treated with a driver-driven gearbox. Prescribed transfer structure as a two-way transfer.


In random and dirty situations, the intended format of your trip should be all-wheel drive with differential lock. This design provides the power and torque created by the car for all wheels. Indeed, the Mercedes hatchback even needs differential locks.


No matter how powerful the mastery or intensity of the car is, the danger of a fiasco or surprise can never be ignored. Therefore, for some reason, I have recommended some additional security features. Airbags, which include travelers, head injury insurance, head restraints, foot controls and an electronic safety framework, are a must-have merger. This will reduce the effect if an incident occurs.

Body Type

The driver needs a far-reaching and clear view of the high hilly sand. This can not be achieved with a standard sedan, coupe or even an automobile SUV. Mercedes A4G buses are not enough to keep an account with perfect security. Even talented drivers can try to do it, the danger of damage remains high. On the way to the deserts, we prescribe SUVs, intersections, jeeps, mountaineers, trucks and pickups.

Recommended Vehicles

Find on the Internet to find the car that suits you best, in the light of your details. Although we are talking about deserts in Arabia and Africa, I accept significant weight and instructions from Land Rover LR4, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser, Defender, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Explorer and Mitsubishi Pajero. You can hire a car from car rental Dubai if you do not have your car, but make sure that you go with such cars that are suitable for a sandy walk.